Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Jordan started a company with 2 of his friends and they need all the help they can get. PLEASE take the 2 seconds to vote for Rainblade. Here is a little bit about it...

Hey Everyone,

There is an opportunity for Rainblade Studios, the company that Clark Varner, Michael Robertson, and I started after graduating, but we need your help. We were invited to enter the Salt Valley Tally, an online competition for businesses developing something new in the digital media industry. The top five businesses get $5,000 to go towards development of their idea. To get into the top five, the business must have the most votes.

So our campaign, "Space", needs your vote. It takes about two seconds to enter your email address, and then verify through a link that they send you. A very stream-lined process, which could help us get the funding we need to truly explode into the marketplace. Our campaign page explains in detail what we are trying to do, but in short, we are developing an experience. Starting with the mobile platform (iPhone and iPad first), we are going to develop a series of games that can be played as a stand-alone experience, but also build off each other to develop a lasting universe. A very ambitious project, but one that we are in the midst of developing. Starting with a single game, soon to be released. But we need your help. The $5,000 that this competition could get us will be put towards a Maya license, as well as Unity Pro, and Unity iOS Pro. These software licenses are necessary to our fast paced development goal. We are getting by right now doing 2D games, but we want to bring 3D models and environments into our follow-up projects, as well as a faster production rate.

Thank you for your time. Every vote helps, and please forward this along to your friends, post on twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else. This competition is all about getting our name out there. Our company has big ideas, big dreams, and the expertise and drive to execute them, but this money will put us that much closer to achieving our goals.

So please, when you have a moment, visit our page and vote:

Here is a link to the mission of Salt Valley Tally:

Again, we thank you. Everyone starts somewhere, and we appreciate your help. Feel free to ask me any questions, or if you have any comments, let me know.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Norah's Newborn Pictures... Unedited

I am so sad to say that I don't really have a lot of pictures because I have been using my phone to take pictures and then sending them to my e-mail and then I deleted them off of my phone. Then my e-mail got hacked and my pictures were lost. SO sad. But I do have a few. We took pictures of Norah when she was 10 days old and they still are not edited ( I hope this makes Jordan feel a little bit bad, ha ha) but I wanted to get them on here because I doubt they will ever get edited anyway. My friend, Christiana Smith (Clark) came down and took them. She did a great job. Thanks Christiana!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Longest Post Ever... Thanksgiving, Christmas, Vance, and Sweet Baby Norah

There won't be a lot of writing because I just wanted to post the highlights of the last 2 months with pictures. We have been so busy and I knew that the editing and writing for the blog would take too much time so I put it off for a while. But it is time. I needed to document a bunch of fun things that we have been able to do throughout the last two months. We'll start with...

Thanksgiving 2011...

Mom, the boys, Bill, Angie and Cade came to Utah(Dad was in Africa:( We spent a lot of time with both sets of grandparents. It was so fun. I really am not very good at taking pictures with my point and shoot... Can't wait to get an Iphone so I can take quick pictures and document the right away.
We actually got my mom to go Black Friday Shopping! We went to Tai Pan and a bunch of other stores. By the time we were done, my car was seriously packed from window to window with stuff. We know how to shop:)

On to Christmas...
We went to Billings for Christmas. My dad was home from Africa this year so it was fun to be with him. Angie and Bill were in California for Bill's brothers wedding. We missed them a lot!
This Christmas was a special one for our family. Dallin received his mission call to Des Moines, Iowa. He couldn't believe it. One of his best friends, Big Dave, is serving in the same mission and so he was even more excited! I can't believe he is old enough to be going on a mission. We are SO proud of Dallin and can't wait to hear about all his adventures in Iowa. While we were up there, Dallin received his endowments in preparation for his mission. It was a memorable moment when Jordan, Mom, Dad and I were all able to welcome Dallin into the temple. I will never forget that moment. He was beaming with happiness and excitement. This day will go down as one of the best days ever.

More pictures from Christmas in Billings...

Vance LOVED being pushed in the Vacuum... Grandpa's are so fun!
Vance loved working on the Vacuum with Grandpa
This was a fun and exciting time to be home for Christmas!

Vancer Time

Vance is one of the happiest 2 1/2 year olds.
He loves trains and cars.
He loves oatmeal and hamburgers.
He would love if I would let him eat that for every meal everyday.
He talks very well for a 2 year old.
He memorizes books and songs quickly and wants Jordan and I to read and repeat things over and over.
Vance absolutely LOVES Cars and Nemo, the Pixar movies. He dreams about this movie. I know this because he will wake up in the middle of the night asking for either movie.
Vance is not a fan of the toilet. He cries everytime we mention going to the bathroom on the toilet. (This needs to change soon!)
Vance loves to run, run and run some more! Jordan feels like he and Vance run a couple miles by the end of the day.
Vance loves people. He makes conversation with anyone in line, outside, in the mall, or on the phone. He loves to talk and most of all, he loves the reaction people give him. He expects that everyone knows who Thomas the Train and Mater Are. He will tell them all about them until the acknowledge that he is talking to them. Goofy boy.

Vance loves his daddy and can't wait for Jordan to get home. Jordan doesn't get one moment to himself when he gets home. Vance can't handle if Jordan does anything without him.

Vance you are so special and we love you! You brighten our day, everyday! We love you!

Our newest addition to the family...
Norah Renee Goulding!
Born February 2, 2012 @ 3:30
8 pounds
19 in. long

We have waited 10 months for this little one. We went into the hospital around 6:45 in the morning to be induced. Everything went pretty well from the very beginning. I was pretty proud of myself because I made it to the highest level for pitocin ( with Vance, I made it to the 2nd level). I got my epidural and sat happy from there on out. My epidural was done perfectly this time. I could literally move my legs and shift myself around. I could feel the pressure of the contractions bu not the pain... beautiful. I didn't have to push the button to give myself more epidural which surprised me. With Vance, I had to push it 3 times.
When it came time to have her, all I could think about was 1) I could feel her head coming and the pain on my right side 2) I couldn't believe this was actually happening and that my little girl would be here really soon 3) Lastly, I thought the whole time that pushing her out was harder this time than it was with Vance. I wonder if this was because I could feel some of the pain and the pressure so it made me more hesitant to push. I dunno but it seemed harder. Angie said I only pushed for 6 minutes or something but it seemed like an hour at least!
She came out with a squeal and I am pretty sure it is because she was hungry. I had to fast all day so therefore, she didn't really get her meals either. She started rooting about 5 minutes after being out. She was perfect! No complications at all. She brings a sweet spirit into our home and we are so happy she is finally here.

The other day, Jordan said something like this, I wish I would have written it down word for word but this was the jist of his comment... " I just can't imagine her not being here with us now that she is here. She is so sweet and when I see her, she makes me happy. I just love her so much." When he said this, I agreed and then got a little teary.

Here are some pictures of Norah and the family...

This is the day before Norah came. Angie and Cade were here and we were waiting to go pick Mom up from the airport. The boys were a little restless so we went to Chick-Fil-A. This is us playing in little playground. Yes, I was trying to help Vance go down the slide, which is not easy being 9 1/2 months pregnant!
February 2, 2012
She is here!

He was SO excited! He loves this little baby.
Her first Puma socks:)

Since then...

Jordan gets a little quality time with the kids:)

and Vance talks her little ears off. We totally encourage these conversations. They make our day!

OK so that was REALLY REALLY LONG but it was important that I say some things about the pictures. These last two months have been amazing and we are so blessed. Our families and friends are so giving of their time and their love. We are grateful for everything they do for us and we love them very much.

As for the next little bit, Jordan will be graduating and applying for jobs. We are excited to see where we end up. We love this time in our lives and are VERY happy.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vance's Love for Lady Antebellum

This obsession for Lady A is getting a little bit out of hand. I have a mixed CD with Eminem, Jack Johnson, Miley Cirus, Adele and, of course, Lady A is on there too. Vance asks for the music to be turned on and loud before we even get to the car. He will ask repetitively, " other song, other song" until we find a Lady A song and then he will say without fail, " Mom, louder please louder!" We have started thinking that for Christmas we are going to get him their next CD because we can't stand this one anymore. He is so funny and very particular about his music. We have tried Jordan's music, that's a no-go... which I am ok with, we've tried other country music, christmas music, church music, Thomas the Train songs... Nothing soothes this little boy's heart like Lady Antebellum. So funny. I just never want to forget these little things!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Vance's 2nd Birthday

Trains Trains Trains! This boy loves trains! That obviously needed to be the theme for this birthday. It was so fun to plan this party and all the kids loved it. We borrowed a train that the kids could actually ride on, we had the pop-up Thomas the Train tunnel, coloring, and of course treats. The kids were wired and that was the goal:) Here are the pictures:

I didn't get one picture of Vance riding the train but he loved it! Thanks to Jaime and Aaron for letting us borrow this!
Love 2 year olds. They can't handle watching paper being torn and new toys that need to be opened. So funny. Also, we all tried so hard to get one picture with the kids and this is the closest we got. We are missing one, Karter was NOT in the mood to take pictures, ha ha.
Clearly Vance was done with the whole hat/picture thing.

Before the party started, Vance was too excited about riding the train so he didn't eat dinner. When we got home, he insisted on eating dinner in Thomas with Jordan. Jordan squeezed in through the door and fed him oatmeal ( a staple in Vance's diet). While dining in Thomas, Jordan and Vance discussed every thing about the party. I teared up as I listened to Vance answer all the questions and tell Jordan about everyone who was there and what he did. It was so sweet to hear Vance get excited about his friends and the ice cream he got to eat.
I can't believe he is getting to an age where he understands how to be excited. It is only getting better and better because of this. He is so happy and I can't wait to throw him a party next year. I bet he will want to choose what theme, the type of ice cream that he wants and who he wants to invite to the party. So fun! We can't wait:)

Happy Birthday big boy! You are so fun and happy. You loved your party! When daddy gave you your bite of cake and ice cream, you couldn't get enough! Your reaction to your presents were priceless and you didn't stop smiling. The best was when you opened your box from Grandma and Grandpa Tall( I don't know what to call you guys ha ha). This box had your pop-up Thomas the Train tent in it. You bent over backwards and screamed. SO funny! Your love for Thomas the Train is true and devoted... which is hilarious to all of us. The thing you loved the most about the party was that all of your friends could fit inside the pop-up Thomas. You guys were kicking, rolling and laughing loudly in that thing and it was so fun to watch. We LOVE you Vance and will always cherish these memories of you. Can't wait for next years birthday party!

Daddy and Mommy

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

He's 2!

Vance is two. I am loving this age. His sweet personality is coming out and is so funny! There have been so many changes in this boy in the past year, I'm sure I will miss a few. We are happy to say that he has, knock on wood, grown out of his milk allergy. He is still reacting to peanut and egg. He is cheerful and happy. Generally, he wakes up ready to play and learn. He is a sucker for Thomas the Train and Chuggington. I think he probably dreams about trains. I don't know if it is a bad thing but instead of just having his stuffed animals when he sleeps, he has to have his mini trains, Thomas and Percy, in bed with him too. He loves them.
He is a kid who responds well to bribing, sad but it works. He is very active and energetic. He is still hesitant about situations, which I hope he always is choosy about what he does. He is getting better with liking textures. He still doesn't love touching sand or anything that looks gross, like when we carved the pumpkin. He is sensitive in all ways. Vance is a loyal person and has a loving heart. He gets his feelings hurt, especially when I tell him daddy has homework or has to go to school. That breaks our hearts to see him melt down and cry. He is smart and quick as ever. We have to be very careful about what we say or do around him because he will mimic everything. Overall, he is the best little boy and rarely throws tantrums. Let's hope he stays this way!

I'll just make a quick list of things that he loves, does, and hates just for the record.

Things he loves...
1. Thomas, Percy and Chuggington's Wilson
2. Orange juice
3. Ice cream- finally can have milk
4. Playing outside with his friends ( Marshall, Karter, and Abby)
5. He still loves to read. Sometimes we will read for like 45 minutes!
6. HAMBURGERS! When I asked him what he wanted for lunch on his birthday he said, " Burber mommy, burber!" This makes Jordan very happy. They'll go to Carl's Jr. and have some "man time" with out me and I am just fine with that.

Things he does...
1. Colors like crazy. He could do this all day and so sometimes that's what we do.
2. Loves to run with Jordan. He makes Jordan run along side him.
3. Building blocks. He likes to build tunnels for Thomas and the other trains to go through. He only likes how Jordan builds them, not me, I don't do them right I guess.
4. Talks NON-STOP. This is a good thing but man, this boy is a "Tall" for sure!
5.Sleeps really well. He sleeps 12 hours at night and then takes a 2-3 hour nap everyday. What a blessing:)

Things he hates:
1. Still hates peaches... peach yogurt, straight peaches, peach anything, he spits it out.
2. When Jordan leaves to go anywhere without him
3. Leaving grandma, which he pronounces,"Obama's house".
4. When Jordan gets on the computer to do homework


We love you and you are everything to us. We love to watch you learn and grow. It is so fun to play all day with you. You are special. You are Daddy and Mommy's best friend. We love you more and more each day.

Daddy and Mommy

Our Little Nacho

We love Halloween at our house! Vance was old enough to dress up and trick or treat,which he loved. We also had a Halloween party/get together at our house. Pretty simple but a fun Halloween!

All of the kids loved being wrapped like mummies except Vance, which we expected... he has a huge bubble so we knew he would scream.

Then the disaster hit. Toilet paper everywhere and the kids were loving it!
Super fun holiday! Can't wait for next year!